8 Simple Rules

Main Title

Show package and main title for television series 8 Simple Rules on ABC. The typical TV series main title consists of money shots of the cast and some fun graphics and music. The producers of 8 Simple Rules wanted to break the mold, so they turned to us. Services include concept pitch, design, production, animation, editing and post-production finishing.

A good main title is like good copywriting. It captures the essence of something quickly.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of producing some great main titles for television. Our work on Everwood was Emmy-nominated. And we became stewards of the West Wing main title for many seasons. For 8 Simple Rules, the entire piece was live-action. So we got to work with Katey Sagal, a young Kaley Cuoco and the late, great John Ritter.


Produced by Christian Jean for Autonomy and ABC