American Heiress

Primetime Drama

Primetime scripted television series for MyNetworkTV and Fox. Having developed successful upfront campaigns for six proposed series, Fox asked me to write, direct and produce material for the series proper. American Heiress was the sixth and final franchise, continuing the six nights a week for 13 weeks first run syndication format established by predecessors like Desire and Watch Over Me.

American Heiress went big by opening the series deep in an actual jungle. Things got steamy from there.

After a tragic plane crash over Central America, the heroic pilot and his filthy rich passenger (the heiress of the series’ namesake) strike up an unlikely romance. It’s the jungle, after all. But, what happens in the jungle doesn’t stay in the jungle, and all kinds of madness ensues. A young Annalynne McCord stars as the heiress’ crazed younger sister.


Produced by Christian Jean for MyNetworkTV and Twentieth Century Fox Television