Del Taco

Commercial Campaign

Commercial campaigns for Del Taco. Southern California Mexican food icon Del Taco and ad agency G&M Plumbing turned to us for multiple campaigns featuring Dan the Del Taco Guy. You remember Dan. He was always getting into trouble with the likes of inflatable dinosaurs, supermodels and, of course, great food. Services include design, animation, editing and post-production finishing.

Commercial campaigns are all about the feeling they create. In this case, hunger.

Have you ever noticed humor is one of the greatest ways to promote a product? Humor sells, and G&M Plumbing hit taco gold with Dan the Del Taco Guy. Affable, lovable and very funny, Dan became synonymous with the brand. We had a blast working with Dan on these spots. And, for the record, never set foot in Taco Bell again.


Produced by Christian Jean for G&M Plumbing and Del Taco