Music video for Top 10 Pakistani recording artist, Tariq TEE-M Mirza. Having previously directed creative on the Girlfriend music video for Lil’ Romeo and Master P, and then directed one for Brandon Schott, I was looking for my next project. Enter Our Man From Pakistan. Services include concept pitch, production and post-production.

True story: Tariq TEE-M Mirza makes a cameo appearance in the Brandon Schott Simple Life video.

Having been introduced to TEE-M, I immediately fell in love with his breakthrough record, Earthiotic, and wanted to do a music video. His Top 10 hit, Aao, Aao, Aao, already had a video, so I pitched him on an idea for Disappeared about lost love and the passage of time. Co-starring Brit Shaw, we captured all four seasons around Los Angeles and were almost swept out to sea (literally) along the way.


Directed by Christian Jean for Tariq TEE-M Mirza