Dogs 'n Digs

Non-Fiction Series

Digital series for Hound Squad. While producing the Hound Squad digital series with elite Air Force dog handler, Luciano Aguilar, we hit upon the idea of doing a spin-off series showcasing fascinating people and their dogs: Dogs ’n Digs. Services include development, directing, writing, producing, production and post-production finishing.

We shot the pilot in Los Angeles with hip-hop artist Kemo the Blaxican and in San Diego with the U.S. Navy.

For the Dogs ’N Digs series pilot, we wanted to explore both personal and professional environments. That’s how we ended up spending the day with Delinquent Habits emcee, Kemo the Blaxican, and his Cane Corso, Lincoln, as well as the K9 unit at the U.S. Navy base in San Diego. We had a blast shooting the pilot, and Luciano took some epic bites.


Produced by Christian Jean for Hound Squad