Fear Factor

Main Titles

Series show package and main titles for Fear Factor on NBC. The producers of Fear Factor were looking for new creative for its flagship series, as well as their couples arc. We developed a package based on familiar series iconography, including things that crawl. Services include concept pitch, design, animation, live action green screen production, compositing, editing and post-production finishing.

How do you elevate Fear Factor’s creative game? By taking cues from its iconography.

Fear Factor is unique. Dangerous stuff, gross stuff, phobia stuff, all at a feverish pace. For the flagship package, we got an exotic animal wrangler and shot bugs, snakes and spiders with some very brave models on green screen. For the couples arc, we created a massive 3D gear that looked light a set from the show. Who knew you could control tarantulas by blowing on them through a straw?


Christian Jean for Autonomy and NBC