Music Video

Music video for Top 10 Pakistani recording artist, Tariq TEE-M Mirza. Having directed TEE-M in the Disappeared music video, I was keen to get another project going with him. Hallucination would become my fourth music video and the first to win awards at festivals, including the Van Gogh for best avant-garde film at Amsterdam. Services include concept pitch, production and post-production.

True story: nobody knows exactly what TEE-M whispers to actress Jocelin Albor at that pivotal beat in the video.

Musically, Disappeared and Hallucination are very different songs. Disappeared is driven by a relentless pop beat, whereas Hallucination is sultry, slow and languid. The concept is inspired by the 1966 mod masterpiece film, Blow-up, by Michelangelo Antonioni. In our version, though, it’s anybody’s guess if the girl in the picture was ever really there.


Directed by Christian Jean for Tariq TEE-M Mirza