Here Backlot

Non-Fiction Series

Original non-fiction series for hereTV. After wrapping the Storytellers series for hereTV, we moved onto a behind-the-scenes concept covering here original movies. These would be some of the first LGBTQ movies made for national television, and the process deserved documenting. Services include development, production and post-production.

Movie magic can be contagious. Backlot set out to capture some of that magic for TV.

As most people probably already know, movies aren’t cheap to make. They’re also not easy to make. HereTV was investing a lot of money into original films, and the Backlot series was conceived as a way to document that investment and simultaneously help promote the films. Backlot took us all over the world on the sets of groundbreaking LGBTQ cinema.


Supervised by Christian Jean for Autonomy and HereTV