Hound Squad Radio

Radio Series

Radio series for Hound Squad on DASH Radio. While producing four seasons of America Now for ITV, I got to work with Luciano Aguilar, an elite Air Force dog handler whose mission was to secure Air Force One. Later, Luciano called me for help producing his radio show on DASH.  Services include creative directing, writing, producing, production and post-production finishing.

Radio is dead. Long live radio!

Elite Air Force military dog handler, Luciano Aguilar, created animal welfare and education brand, Hound Squad, with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill as brand ambassador. They were offered a weekly show by DJ Skee at DASH, America’s fastest-growing internet radio distributor. Over the course of two seasons, we produced over 100 hours of radio content, boosting scores of important animal welfare voices.


Produced by Christian Jean for Hound Squad and DASH Radio