Broadcast Creative

Broadcast design series package for Jeopardy. The producers of Jeopardy were looking to refresh their look and came to us for some ideas. We ended up rebranding the flagship program as well as several specials for college students, child prodigies and public figures. Services include concept pitch, design and animation.

Rebranding beloved programs can be risky business. You’ve got to honor what works.

Jeopardy’s been on the air since 1964. There are over 9,000 episodes. As far as TV series go, it’s a household name. So, how do you approach rebranding it? In my view, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We preserved the logo, but introduced new colors and movement. And in the end, I got to stand behind Alex Trebek’s podium during tests.


Produced by Christian Jean for Autonomy and Sony