Kate Clinton

Comedy Special

Television series comedy special for hereTV. By the time we began talking to hereTV about doing comedy specials, we’d already produced multiple non-fiction formats for them. This time, we’d be adding live event production to the docket.  First out of the gate was master comedienne, Kate Clinton. Services include development, production and post-production.

Comedy specials, even moreso than talk shows, rely on the talents of one person. The comic on stage.

Kate Clinton’s special was the pilot edition of our Comedy Presents series for hereTV. Kate has an amazing pedigree, with a comedy career dating back to at least 1981. She’s also a regular columnist for The Progressive, The Advocate and The Huffington Post. We had a blast working with Kate, which led to round two with Margaret Cho.


Supervised by Christian Jean for Autonomy and HereTV