U.S. Open Tennis

Sports Broadcast Creative

Broadcast sports package for coverage of U.S. Open Tennis on CBS. For their U.S. Open Tennis Championships broadcast campaign, CBS Sports was looking for creative to help elevate tennis in the public eye along the lines of familiar major league sports like football and baseball. Services include concept pitch, design, animation, editing and post-production finishing.

Kinetic energy is key to making great broadcast sports creative. Things gotta, you know, move.

I played a lot of sports growing up, and tennis was a favorite. I coveted Agassi’s latest gear and devoured Edberg-Becker marathons at Wimbledon. For the CBS broadcast package, we set a tennis ball on fire, because, obviously (and those Har-Tru surfaces at the Open are *blazing* fast). Then we set the ball spinning, along with iconic New York imagery, on a lazy susan. Roll cameras!


Produced by Christian Jean for Autonomy and CBS Sports