Wicked Games

Primetime Drama

Primetime scripted television series for MyNetworkTV and Fox. Having developed successful upfront campaigns for six proposed series, Fox asked me to write, direct and produce material for the series proper. Wicked Games was the fourth franchise, continuing the six nights a week for 13 weeks first run syndication format established by Desire, Fashion House and Watch Over Me.

Sometimes it feels like all the characters in Wicked Games are completely insane. That’s because they are.

I know these characters are insane, because I wrote the pilot episode for the series. Tatum O’Neal plays the lead character to perfection, hatching a revenge plot so complex, even she doesn’t really know how it will end. Fun fact: I based one of the characters largely on myself (again, insanity), played deftly by the much more handsome Jack Krizmanich.


Produced by Christian Jean for MyNetworkTV and Twentieth Century Fox Television